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Set of 4 Elegant 5.5-Inch Gold Brass Canape Knives with Snowflake Handle in Bag - Decorative Christmas Utensils for Dessert Salad Appetizers - Mini Festive Flatware Silverware

  • 5.5-INCH BRASS KNIVES WITH SNOWFLAKE HANDLE are festive, elegant utensils for your holiday feast. This 4-piece flatware set includes a drawstring bag for easy storage once the Christmas season wraps up
  • ENJOY HOLIDAY MEALS IN STYLE – Brass canape knives are great for desserts, appetizers, and other small plates at your Christmas party. These mini utensils with decorative handles are easy to clean between meals
  • UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE DESIGN enhances any collection of holiday cutlery. The simple yet elegant winter handle means you can keep these tiny knives on the table well into the new year
  • BRILLIANT BRASS MATERIAL helps your winter silverware shine. These gold-colored metal knives make your dining room sparkle, meaning they’re the perfect complement to warm, welcoming holiday home decor
  • Set of 4 small knives. Includes drawstring bag for storage and gift-giving. Brass. Size: 5.5” L

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