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29.9-Inch High Battery-Operated Magnesium Tombstone and Ghoul with Timer Feature

Cast a haunting glow in the night with this battery-operated tombstone you can add to your holiday yard décor. The ghoul peeks around the raven's favorite resting spot, his eyes glow in the night to delight guests and trick-or-treaters. Crafted of magnesium for its sturdy weight, it also allows sculpting of fine details you see in the hands and texture. This graveyard art has a convenient and energy efficient timer that allows you to switch it on, it will come on every evening for 5 hours, then turn itself off for 19, saving your battery life. Add this halloween yard art to your collection for many years of fun.

  • Place this battery-operated magnesium tombstone in your yard to delight guests. It measures 16.73-inch-by-10.83-inch-by-29.9-inch
  • This fun Halloween yard art is illuminated by 3 AA batteries, not included.
  • This illuminated tombstone is made from magnesium for its sturdy weight and the ability to sculpt fine detail.
  • A ghoulish figure peeks around the stone, his eyes glowing, the raven sits upon, it states "Enter if you Dare".
  • This graveyard duo has a convenient and energy efficient timer feature that allows it to glow for 5 hours and then turn off for 19 hours to save battery life.
  • This seasonal décor can be used outdoors or indoors.

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