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18.9-Inch-Long Metal Antique Red Truck with 3 Season Magnets

A blast from the past, this truck is a classic! Keep this out all year, by using display as is, or with the set of 3-styled door magnets that make your truck seasonal. Pumpkins say "Harvest Blessings", Christmas trees decorate "Christmas Trees", and a cow is on "Farm Fresh". This truck is 18.9-inches long by 8.27-inches wide and 1.63-inches high. This red truck has an antique finish with an open cab and wood panels on top of the bed. More classic features are red fenders and running board, a large burnished grill ,headlights and large spoke wheels Fill the bed with everything from spring blossoms to hay bales to accent your home all year.

  • 3 Seasonal door decals make this rustic antique truck an all year treasure
  • This truck is 18.9-inches long by 8.27-inches wide and 10.63-inches high
  • Truck has burnished grill and headlights and classic red fenders and running boards
  • Antique red color with large spoke wheels, open cab and wood panels along top of the bed
  • 3 styles of door magnets are included; Farm Fresh with a picture of a cow pasteurized milk, Harvest Blessing with picture of pumpkins, and Christmas trees with trees
  • Ornaments pictured are not included

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